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These awesome free worksheets and activities for US and World History are just a tiny fraction of the hundreds available here at Students of History. As a member, you'll also find PowerPoints, projects, games, review materials, assessments, and richly-curated video links all for immediate download.

Hi - thanks for stopping by! I have literally hundreds and hundreds of engaging worksheets for US and World History in my curriculum subscriptions here and on Teachers Pay Teachers. Here are a few free samples you can download and use in your social studies classes:

Dorie Miller at Pearl Harbor - This great 1 page reading tells the story of the hero Dorie Miller, an African-American sailor aboard the West Virginia when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. A reading worksheet is also included. Great for a US or World History class!

Abraham Lincoln Primary Source Letter - This simple letter from President Lincoln to a friend's son is fantastic for US History students. It includes Lincoln's full letter, an introduction, 7 analysis questions, and an answer key.

Historical Photo Analysis Worksheets - This great activity allows students to analyze any historical photograph and think critically about important aspects of the photo. It also includes 8 open-source images designed to encourage students to analyze pictures with a critical eye.

America's First Political Parties - This simple worksheet has students sort characteristics of the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans.

Greek Mythology Interactive Notebook - This is taken from my set of interactive notebook pages about Ancient Rome and has students create a foldable graphic organizer of Ancient Rome's Gods & Goddesses.

The Life of Julius Caesar Worksheet - This activity has your students analyzing different parts of Caesar's life and describing them in a simple graphic organizer.

A Year of American History Vocabulary - This worksheet features over 350 vocabulary terms for American History! The words are in order from Native Americans through to the 9/11 attacks. Great for an end-of-year review.

Jefferson Davis Metamorphic Image Worksheet - This is a tricky but fun activity that I use for extra credit in some classes when we cover the Civil War. The image can be easily analyzed and appreciated by students, but not all of them will be able to create their own!

Comparing Vertical and Horizontal Monopolies - I use this worksheet during our unit on the Industrial Revolution and rise of Robber Barons. It helps students understand the different ways Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller built their monopolies.

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Thanks so much for stopping by!

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