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What is included?

Each unit of American History is perfectly organized by day with multiple resources to select from, all of which have been used successfully with students. I only include the highest quality resources that I know will engage students and get them to love your class. Every single unit includes interactive notebook pages PLUS Google Drive digital interactive notebooks, and Project Based Learning!

On top of the resources for each unit, there are additional resources like Daily Warm Ups and Vocabulary Football and Basketball  games/quizzes than span multiple units or the whole year! Click on any the links on this page for previews and customer feedback on just a fraction of the resources that are included with your subscription.

For one low monthly price, you get everything plus immediate access to every new resource! I'm adding new materials every month. Click here if you have any questions - I'm happy to help and love talking about how these resources can benefit your students!

Unit 1: The Early Colonies

This unit covers the early American colonies with a focus on Jamestown, the Middle, and New England Colonies. It features awesome Interactive Notebook pages and Google Drive digital resources along with a great project on the colonies and primary source materials. Finally, there's review activities and an editable quiz and test. If your curriculum begins with Columbus and the discovery of America, don't fear - that unit is now included as well!

Unit 2: The Revolutionary War & Constitution

This unit includes a fantastic set of resources on the American Revolution and Constitution. There's 10 PowerPoint presentations for you to use over 2-3 weeks! Plus interactive notebook pages, primary source resources on the Federalist Papers and Boston Massacre, an awesome pop-up lesson, a whole lesson plan utilizing Hamilton the Musical, timeline project, a "magic portrait" lesson on the Founding Fathers, American Revolution worksheets, and a lot more!

Unit 3: The Early Republic

This huge set of resources covers America's early years, the Era of Good Feelings, Age of Jackson, transcendentalism, and more! You'll have immediate access to resources on early Supreme Court cases, the Monroe Doctrine, plus Henry Clay and the American System. There's amazing PowerPoints on the presidencies of Washington & Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson, plus a super engaging PowerPoint on the War of 1812. There's over 40 teaching resources in this unit alone!

Unit 4: Sectionalism & Reform

This is a brief unit on the lead-up to the Civil War but still includes great resources on the Missouri Compromise, Kansas Nebraska Act, and Frederick Douglass. There's also a fantastic primary source analysis lesson on the Amistad Rebellion. Plus you get a fun Harriet Tubman "choose your adventure"-style reading, projects on John Brown and reform movements, worksheets, a great review game, and more!

Unit 5: Civil War and Reconstruction

This is a very thorough and student-centered unit that covers everything you need to hit on the Civil War and Reconstruction. There's primary sources, projects, a webquest, awesome interactive notebook pages, and a fantastic set of Google Drive digit notebook resources. Plus, you'l get an amazing PowerPoint in 3D, "magic portrait" lesson, set of review task cards, really engaging worksheets, editable test and more!

Unit 6: Manifest Destiny

This unit on Manifest Destiny includes an interactive "act it out" lesson on the various groups moving west, resources on the Alamo, Mexican-American War, westward expansion, Custer's Last Stand, Populism, and more. There's also great PowerPoints on the Gold Rush, activity on the Wizard of Oz and Populismreview game, and other great resources to help your students understand the era of Manifest Destiny and westward expansion.

Unit 7: Immigration & Industrialization

This is a great unit on America's Gilded Age filled with lots of student-centered resources your classes will love. There's the interactive notebook pages and Google Drive set, an amazing 3D PowerPoint on the Transcontinental Railroad, engaging Gilded Age Dinner Party project, primary sources, worksheets, and a lot more!

Unit 8: American Imperialism & the Progressive Era

This unit on America's Progressive Era and Imperialism features PowerPoints on the Spanish-American War, Progressives, Populist Party, and Imperialism. Plus there's a great lessons on the Philippines and Yellow Journalism, along with interactive notebook pages, the Google Drive digital set, and resources on muckrakers, Teddy Roosevelt, Liliuokalani, and more!

Unit 9: America and World War 1

This unit on America's role in World War 1 features sets of Interactive Notebook pages and Google Drive digital notebooks, an in-depth study guide packet, a propaganda analysis activity, engaging primary source analysis resources, a webquest, worksheets, project on Wilson's 14 Points, and more!

Unit 10: The Roaring 20's and Great Depression

This is a fun and super-engaging unit with great resources on the Harlem Renaissance, stock market simulation game, New Deal, and more. You'll get access to fantastic PowerPoints on the Roaring 20's, Great Depression, Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois, and New Deal. Plus there's the interactive notebook and Google Drive, editable test, projects, and more!

Unit 11: World War 2

This unit of World War 2 is the most thorough and engaging you'll find anywhere - over 50 resources in all! You'll get interactive Rise of Dictators pop-ups and Rise of the Allies pop-up notes, an awesome set of Interactive Notebook pages, task card set, Google Drive digital notebook, Radio Show project, primary sources, projects, and a lot more. This one unit includes 11 PowerPoints, 12+ reading worksheets, plus activities on the Holocaust, occupation of Japan, and more!

Unit 12: The Cold War

The Cold War unit is thorough and super engaging with a fun Dinner Party lesson plan, Vietnam War station activity, Interactive Notebook set, Google Drive digital notebook, North Korean propaganda analysis lesson, Space Race project, study guide packet, review games, test, and more! Over 30 super engaging resources are included!

Unit 13: The Civil Rights Movement

This Civil Rights Movement unit is one of my favorites to teach! There's an awesome "Road Trip" lesson, engaging Interactive Notebook pages, super-thorough PowerPoint, primary source materials, readings, biography project, great set of video links, and a lot more!

Unit 14: American & the Modern World

The final unit in American History features powerful resources on the 9/11 Attacks, plus a PowerPoint on the history of conflict in the Middle East, and resources on Reagan, and Modern World Organizations.

Unit 15: Review Materials

I know the importance of getting kids ready for state testing and included a lot of review materials that are fun, engaging, and thorough! There's an amazing review packet and corresponding PowerPoint, review games, practice tests, outline review packet, review worksheets, crosswords, and more!

Unit 16: Bonus Materials and Fun Stuff

In addition to all of the units, you'll get a great set of projects and activities to use throughout the year like Vocabulary Football, holiday resources, and a bunch of bonus materials!

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